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Health Connection Vanilla Extract 25ml
Health Connection Vanilla Extract 25ml with no colourants. ..
A Little Something Organic Cardamon Pods 40g
A Little Something Organic Cardamon Pods ..
A Little Something Organic Chia Seeds 160g
Eat Chia seeds for:  * Anti-inflammatory omega 3's * Digestive soothing soluble fiber ..
A Little Something Organic Cinnamon Sticks 30g
These certified organic and non-irradiated Cinnamon sticks are perfect for using in your favourite r..
A Little Something Organic Whole Turmeric 50g
Certified organic Whole Turmeric and non-irradiated - for all your health and culinary needs. ..
Absolute Organix Coconut Blossom Sugar 350g
Certified organic and imported from Indonesia, our coconut blossom sugar is harvested from the bloss..
Akan Moringa Tea - 20 teabags * November sell by*
Energizing 100% Moringa Tea Moringa Leaf Tea is light and refreshing and a fast and con..
R48.00 R10.00
Buchu Tea (20 bags) 25g
Cape Moondance Buchu is the first 100% pure buchu tea bag in South Africa and the World! It is organ..
Cacao Chia Oats 300g
Quick cooking oats with a cacao flavour and creamy texture. High in Omega-3. No ..
Credé Almond Oil 250ml
Almond oil, extracted from almond kernels, can be used as a substitute for olive oil. It can also be..
Credé Cold Pressed Flax Oil 250ml
Flaxseed oil is extracted from the seeds of the flax plant, and is one of the richest natural source..
Credé Flax Powder 600g
Made from freshly milled flaxseed meal, flax powder is a natural and healthy source of fibre, protei..
Credé Grapeseed Oil 250ml
Grapeseed oil, pressed from seeds of grapes, contains multiple minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. ..
Credé Hemp Oil 250ml
Hemp seed oil is one of the most balanced natural sources of omega-3 & 6 essential fatty acids, ..
Credé Hemp Oil 500ml
Hemp seed oil is one of the most balanced natural sources of omega-3 & 6 essential fatty acids, ..
Credé Macadamia Oil 250ml
Macadamia oil has many health and beauty benefits. This makes it ideal for using as a cooking oil..
Credé Milled Coconut Flour 500g
Coconut flour is made from freshly milled coconut meal, milled coconut flour is rich in fibre and pr..
Credé Oh Mega Almond Butter 400g
Our almond butter is 100% natural. We use almonds with the ‘skin’ on (not blanched) and simply roast..
Credé Oh Mega Cashew Butter 400g
Our cashew butter is also all natural. They are roasted, ground and bottled just like our almond but..
Credé Oh Mega Chocolate Almond Butter 400g
Oh Mega Chocolate Almond Butter is made from dry-roasted crushed almonds and 71% dark chocolate – an..
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