Love My Hair 100% Herbal Hair Colour

Love My Hair 100% Herbal Hair Colour
Love My Hair 100% Herbal Hair Colour Love My Hair 100% Herbal Hair Colour Love My Hair 100% Herbal Hair Colour
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Passionate about herbal hair colour, Love My Hair firmly believe that everyone should be able to dye their hair gently and effectively without using chemicals. 

Love My Hair contains eight botanical extracts, carefully blended to offer you rich, permanent colours.  These extracts have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic treatments and are reputed to nourish and rejuvenate the scalp, thus improving hair growth and scalp condition.

All the plants used in Love My Hair are grown without the use of chemical pesticides and/or fertilisers.  

 As Love My Hair doesn't contain chemicals, we cannot guarantee colour results on grey hair. As Love My Hair works by building up layers of colour on the hair, some grey hair needs more than one application.

The dyes are approved by Beauty without Cruelty and are completely vegan.

Avoid using hair care products containing silicone derivatives, e.g. Dimethicone and other ingredient listings ending in "cone". Silicone creates a film that prevents herbal dyes from reaching the hair which will give an unsatisfactory result. Leave-in products like hair waxes and gels may also prevent the dye from working


Does Love My Hair contain henna?

Love My Hair does contain henna in varying proportions depending on the shade, but it is not 'just' henna.  In addition to this plant extract, Love My Hair also contains 6-7 other botanical ingredients that contribute to the colour application and health of your hair and scalp.

How do herbal hair dyes work?

Herbal hair dyes work by coating the hair shaft in a film of colour, making it feel fuller and more alive.  They do not penetrate the hair and do not disturb its natural chemistry. Because they are coating the hair, they interact with your natural hair colour giving you a unique shade.

How do chemical hair dyes work?

Chemical dyes work by first swelling the hair strands and then splitting them open.  This swelling is what makes hair feel fuller after using a chemical dye. They then flood the hair cortex with some degree of peroxide to remove the natural colour and then deposit chemicals deep into the hair.

Why should I avoid chemical hair dye?

Chemical hair dyes are a cocktail of toxic chemicals, notably para-phenylenediamines (PPD), resorcinol, naphthol, peroxides and sulphates.  They don't just effect the hair, but also enter the blood stream through the scalp. There is strong evidence that some of these chemicals are carcinogenic and have also been linked to death by anaphylactic shock.  Some people have obvious allergic reactions to these chemicals and so avoid chemical hair dyes. However, these chemicals are still harmful even if no allergic reaction is present. This is a huge topic, and we suggest that you do an internet search to find out more.  Look carefully at the ingredient listings of hair dyes claiming to be PPD and/or resorcinol-free.  Some manufacturers use these claims to attract customers while still incorporating these chemicals in some form.

I've had an allergic reaction to henna in the past, can I use Love My Hair?

It is very rare for pure henna to cause an allergic reaction.  Henna can only make hair red, so be very wary of henna brands that come in different shades as they contain quite high quantities of PPD, especially the darker shades.  If you've had an allergic reaction to one of these brands of 'henna' it is mostly likely that you were reacting to the PPD and not the henna.  Please always do an allergy test before using any hair dye product.

Will Love My Hair lighten my hair?

Love My Hair doesn't contain any ammonia or peroxide (chemicals that bleach hair) so it cannot lighten hair.

Will Love My Hair cover my grey hair?

Grey hair is more porous and contains less protein than non-grey hair.  This means grey hair will react differently to herbal dyes than non-grey hair. We recommend flame red, wine red and dark brown for covering grey.  It is essential to do a strand test first as everyone's hair has different proportions of grey and different levels of porosity. As Love My Hair doesn't contain chemicals, we cannot guarantee colour results on grey hair. As Love My Hair works by building up layers of colour on the hair, some grey hair needs more than one application.

What shampoo and conditioner should I use with Love My Hair?

We recommend using a mild shampoo and conditioner that doesn't contain silicone derivatives such as Dimethicone or other ingredient listings ending in "cone", especially prior to using Love My Hair.  Silicone coats the hair in a layer which prevents herbal dye from reaching the hair.  If you have been using hair care products containing silicone we recommend using a clarifying shampoo before using Love My Hair.  It is also best to avoid using hair care products containing essential oils such as tea tree, lavender and mint essential oils.  On some hair types, these oils seem to strip the herbal dyes out of the hair thus preventing them from oxidising and completing the dyeing process.

Can I mix the different shades?

It is best not to do this. The different shades of Love My Hair are carefully formulated. Mixing different colours upsets this balance so the results could be unpredictable. 

Can I mix Love My Hair with coffee, tea or other liquids?

You are of course welcome to experiment, but the results will be unpredictable, and we wouldn't recommend it.

I didn't use all of the mixed dye, can I keep it?

Once the dye powder is mixed with water and exposed to hair it starts oxidising and it needs to be used immediately.  It is thus not possible to keep left-over mixture.

I didn't use the full packet, how should I store the rest of the dye powder?

If you just used half a packet, for example, and would like to keep the rest of the powder, just seal the packet tightly to make sure no air or humidity can reach the powder and keep it in a cool cupboard.

How soon after using chemical dyes can I use Love My Hair and vice versa?

Its best to wait at least 3 weeks after using chemical dyes before using Love My Hair and vice versa. Due to how the different types of dye work (see above), the results may be unpredictable. Please do a strand test first.  

Can I use Love My Hair on bleached/peroxided hair?

Bleaching changes the hair structure extensively making it more porous than normal, which will obviously effect the colour, so please approach this with caution and do a strand test first.

Nothing happened when I used Love My Hair. Why is this?

It is very unusual for Love My Hair to give no colour at all.  When this happens it is usually because there is a build up on the hair from products such as leave-in waxes and gels.  If you have been using a shampoo and conditioner that contains silicone derivates, e.g. Dimethicone, this also coats the hair and prevents the herbal dyes from reaching the hair. We suggest that you use a clarifying shampoo to strip the build-up before using Love My Hair again.

My hair is not dark enough/did not cover enough grey enough after one application. What shall I do?

Love My Hair works by building up layers of colour on your hair.  The more you use it, the deeper and richer the colour will be.  You can use the dye 48 hours after the first application to intensify the colour or cover more grey.

My grey roots have gone orange, what should I do?

Grey hair can absorb henna more readily that the other plant dyes. If your roots are completely grey or have a large percentage of grey, and if you want dark hair, we recommend using the dark brown. For example, if you have used the brown dye and your grey roots are too orangey, we recommend applying dark brown to the roots 12 hours after the brown application.  

I didn't use my application gloves and my hands and finger nails are orange, what should I do?

The orange colour on your skin will fade quickly, you can speed this up by applying a mixture of lemon juice and vegetable oil.  The colour in your finger nails will remain for a while.  Please remember to use your gloves.

My hair feels dry after using Love My Hair, what should I do?

It is important to rinse out the dye mixture really well, shampoo out the residue and then condition your hair. If you've done this and your hair still feels dry, give you hair a treatment of coconut oil (see instructions).  Dryness can sometimes occur after the first time Love My Hair is used after chemical dye. The coconut oil will sort it out.

Step-by-step Instructions:

STEP 1. Do a patch skin test to check for allergies.  Mix up a very small amount of dye (about 1/8 of a teaspoon).  Apply it onto the skin on your inner arm and cover it with clingwrap.  Leave it on for 2 hours and then wash off.  Wait for 48 hours and if no irritation or rash occurs during that time, it is reasonable to assume that you're not allergic to the product.  

STEP 2.  Do a strand test before dyeing all your hair.  Take a small amount of hair - a few strands are enough - from your head or hairbrush.  Mix up a very small quantity of dye and dip the test hair into the dye, making sure it is well covered.  Leave it for 1 hour, rinse and shampoo out the dye mixture.  Leave it for 24-48 hours to allow the dye colour to oxidise and develop.  This process will give you a good idea of the final result and the necessary application time. If you would like a more intense colour, leave it on your hair for longer, and vice versa.

STEP 3. Wash and dry your hair. It is best not to use a conditioner for this pre-dye wash. Herbal dyes are sensitive, and if the hair is oily or has any products such as gel on it, the dye will not 'take' properly on the hair.

STEP 4. Use a non-metallic bowl and spoon to mix your dye. 100 grams of powder is enough for one application on collar to shoulder length hair, depending on hair thickness. Use less if you just want to dye your roots. Put the required amount of powder into the bowl and slowly add warm water, between 350 and 380 ml to 100 grams of powder. Mix into a smooth paste the consistency of custard. The mixture must be thin enough to apply easily to your hair and thick enough not to drip off.  If the mixture is very lumpy, you can put on your application gloves and squeeze the lumps out by hand.

STEP 5. Make sure your hair is free from tangles. Put on your application gloves and starting at the top of your head, apply the dye paste to your hair in sections using your fingers. Start at the roots and work your way to the ends of your hair. Apply thickly and put extra paste on the roots and grey areas.

STEP 6. When your hair is completely covered, pile it on top of your head. Wipe any excess dye off your hairline and/or ears. Cover with clingwrap and wrap a towel around your head. The clingwrap keeps the dye mixture packed closely over the hair and keeps the head warm. This helps the dye application.  Leave the dye on your hair for 1-2 hours.  The longer you leave the dye on your hair the more intense the final colour.  20 minutes before the end of the application time, you can unwrap your hair, provided that your head stays warm and the dye mixture stays packed on the hair. This can help the dyes to release their colour by allowing the oxidisation process to start. After the application time, rinse your hair until the water runs clear and then shampoo and condition your hair. DO NOT use a shampoo and conditioner containing essential oils, especially tea tree oil and mint oils, they are not compatible with the herbal dye.

The final result. Allow 24-48 hours for the dyes to oxidise completely and for the colour to stabilise.  Herbal dyes are mild and build up layers of colour on the hair.  Usually grey hair is completely covered after the first application, but you may need 2-3 applications to cover stubborn greys, especially if you've been using chemical dyes.  Allow 48 hours in between dye applications to allow the dye to oxidise. These images show hair immediately after washing and 7 hours after washing.

Coconut Oil treatment. If you've been using chemical products, your hair may feel slightly dry after the first application of Love My Hair. This is quite normal and is due to how different dyes work on the hair shaft.  A treatment of extra-virgin coconut oil will restore your hair. 2-3 days after the dye application, apply coconut oil to your hair and scalp, comb through and leave for a couple of hours or overnight. Shampoo and condition your hair. If the oil is solid, place the bottle in a cup of warm water to liquefy. Coconut oil is a wonderful hair tonic and its a good idea to use it at least once a month. Processed and deodorised coconut oil will not have the same beneficial effects.


Plant dyes are gentle and are sensitive to air and body temperature, hormone levels, humidity and hair condition.  Your hair is unique and we cannot guarantee the same results for everybody.


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